Want to learn become a copywriter, or write for your business?

Join one of my courses at the Writing Times.

These great value courses are designed for beginners and those with some experience to take at their own pace over either 6 or 12 months. Each course has one module a month, though you can work faster if you choose.

These are practical courses with lots of personal attention and regular feedback.

There is an in-depth marked written assignment at the end of each module as well as lots of fun, challenging exercises along the way.

They’re all great value at £180 for the 6 month course and £360 for the 12 month course.

Choose from:

Writing to grow your business (6 month course)

Writing about your business can seem difficult. When you’re not used to writing, where do you start? When you’re working in you business every day, how do you put yourself in your customers’ shoes?

But it doesn’t have to be difficult. Once you know the secrets of marketing communication (the ones professional copywriters use), you’ll find it much easier.

On this course, you’ll learn those secrets. You’ll finish it knowing how to write content your customers will love (and it’ll cost you less than a day of a good copywriter’s time).

Copywriting from the ground up (12 month course)

Do you need to write as part of your job, and wish it came more easily to you? Do you run a business, and struggle to keep on top of your marketing? Or maybe you’re thinking of becoming a freelance copywriter?

This course will give all the knowledge you need to influence people with your words.

You’ll develop your writing skills and your creativity. You’ll finish the course able to sit down at your desk, and write the words you need to persuade, inspire and sell.


Questions, or want to book? Give me a call on 01273 803 471 or email alice@cuninghamecopywriting.co.uk.

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