I write words, but I work with businesses. 

I’m one of those people that gets enraged by a misplaced apostrophe, and excited by a debate about grammar. But if that was all I cared about, I’d be a proofreader, not a copywriter. My job is to sell things, whether that’s a product, a service, an idea or a message. And you can’t sell anything without understanding what makes people buy. If I work with you, I’ll spend time getting to know your business, your customers and why they will want to buy from you.

Writing stories

I love a good story. Doesn’t everyone? A good story will draw people in at the beginning, keep them listening through the middle, and pack a powerful punch of feeling at the end. Stories about brands and businesses inspire and engage customers and lead to sales. When I sit down to write, I always ask the question ‘where’s the story?’

A creative mind

Creating those  inspiring, engaging stories comes naturally to me. As well as writing business stories, I write fictional ones, and have published a few, too. I have an MA in Creative Writing, and I’m a director and co-founder Brighton’s only high-profile literary prize. I mentor other creative writers.

A creative partner

If I work with you, I’ll be your partner. We’ll make a plan that’s right for you – whether that’s writing one blog post, or a long-term programme of branding, strategy and training.

Let’s work together